4 Top Things to Know Before Sending Your Child to a Preschool in Serangoon

Every parent gets anxious at the thought of sending a child to preschool. “Will he cope? Will I choose the best preschool in Serangoon?” These are some of the questions that parents ask. Understandably, you have concerns. Knowing what to expect will help you to make informed decisions. You will also put your worries aside. 

Your child will be in good hands.

The first day of preschool in Serangoon is naturally challenging for parents and children. Both the parents and the kids experience separation anxiety. However, parents are often anxious, wondering if their child will be okay. 

The teachers and caregivers at the preschool in Serangoon are trained to take care of your child. They understand your child’s anxiety and what they need to do to calm him. It is not easy entrusting a stranger with your child. However, remember this is just the beginning. 

After getting used to his preschool teachers and friends, he will be moving on to primary school to start over. This will be the norm in his life. It is unavoidable. 

Your responsibility is to ensure you get him into the best preschool. From then on, it will be the teachers’ responsibility to ensure he remains content during the hours he spends in preschool. 

Teachers meet children with different temperaments and personalities.

Parents often worry that their child will not cope. Usually, it is because the child is too hyper, aggressive or too quiet. Interestingly, some parents assume that a child may overwhelm the teachers. If this is a concern, it shouldn’t be.

Preschool teachers are trained to handle children of different temperaments. Your child will be fine, so will the teachers. If anything, a new environment may be what your child needs to cool down, especially if he is hyperactive. Preschools have hundreds of activities available for children. 

The teachers will introduce practical and enjoyable activities to your child. Before long, he will be excited about going to preschool, and you will realise you had no reason to worry. 

Children achieve milestones at different times.

You will likely meet other children at the preschool in Serangoon who have achieved milestones ahead of your child. You shouldn’t be concerned about this. Children do not achieve cognitive development at the same time. 

Teachers of preschool in Serangoon appreciate the difference in children’s development. You shouldn’t worry about your child being left behind because the teachers give personalised attention to each child. 

Maintain open communication with the teachers

When you send your child to a preschool in Serangoon, you must maintain close contact with his teachers. They are the ones who will update you on your child’s progress and challenges. 

The teacher will also give you ideas on activities you can introduce at home. A child will develop cognitive skills much faster when a concept is reinforced at home. 

For example, a child will develop thinking and decision-making skills much faster if he is introduced to activities that will stimulate these skills at home and school. 

Preschoolers and their teachers share a special connection. Your child’s experience will not be any different. After choosing the best preschool in Serangoon, you only need to provide the necessary support to ensure your child has an incredible learning experience. 

Yolanda May

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