All About Learning How to Speak Arabic

Learning how to speak one language could make you communicate and understand the people around your community, but what if you travel to other places? How are you going to communicate with other people? Learning foreign languages could really benefit us in ways that we don’t know.

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That is what we are going to talk about today specifically with the Arabic language.

To start, Madeenah will tell us about the importance of learning the Arabic language.

The Importance of Learning the Arabic Language

Whilst every effort has been made to render this translation from it’s original Arabic source to English, one must appreciate the rich nature of the Arabic language and how difficult it can be to accurately capture the true essence of the Arabic text in any language. Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) says:

{Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur.aan in order that you may understand}.[1]

This book[*] and any other book translated from Arabic should never allow the reader to become complacent and hold back from learning the Arabic language, ever! Rather, it should only serve a temporary purpose in assisting the student of knowledge on his way until he has attained his goal in having learnt the Arabic language.

When I began my Arabic language studies at the Islaamic University of Madeenah back in 1993, I remember being interviewed by Dr. V. Abdur-Raheem[2] to assess the level of my Arabic knowledge so as to ascertain exactly which class he should enrol me into; It was then that I sought his advice by asking him the question every Arabic language student[3] asks: Read more here.

The importance given above are not just those that refer to knowing how to speak the language, but it also refers to learning how to read Arabic. Well in relation to that, Culture Vulture will give us 20 must know Arabic words and phrases for your business trip to the Arab world

20 Must Know Arabic Words and Phrases for your Business Trip to the Arab World

Travelling to the Middle East, The Gulf or Arab world on business?

No matter where in the world you go for work knowing a few words or phrases in the local language can break down barriers, build relationships and smooth the way to business success.

In this blog, Zoe Trunks looks at 20 “must know” Arabic words and phrases every business person should learn before they visit an Arabic speaking country.

Our first four words are key when greeting and saying goodbye to people:

1.    مرحبا – Hello (marhaban): This greeting is widely used throughout the Arab countries and is also one of the easiest greetings to pronounce making it a good word to know.

2.    تشرفنا – Pleased to meet you (tasharafna)

3.    كيف حالك؟ – How are you? male (kayfa halak) female (kayfa halik): There are two versions of this phrase: as with many Arabic phrases this phrase is dependent on the gender of the person you are speaking to, the first version is to be spoken to a man. Read more here.

The terms given above does not only apply when you are traveling for a business tour because you could actually use them all even if you are just traveling for a simple vacation. The terms given above are just the basics but it would actually help you a lot. Now, Jesa will give us three smart tips to pick up Arabic quickly.

3 Smart Tips to Pick Up Arabic Quickly

Marhaba! In this post, I would like to discuss 3 smart and easy ways for you to pick up Arabic quickly. I want to thank a close friend of mine who brought up this idea a couple of times over the last couple of months. She is learning Arabic and constantly asks me about different ways to get immersed in an Arabic speaking environment. My best advice to her centered on different things that I do to maintain my level of fluency (مستوى الفصاحة). I offered her these tips and after a few weeks she rushed to thank me mentioning that these tips granted her great exposure to an Arabic speaking environment in turn facilitating the learning process. In addition to my friend’s request, many of you through different means have asked the same question. How can I continuously practice Arabic? I am confident that these tips can help you out! Some of these might be obvious to many of you, while others might be new and useful. Needless to say, Arabic like other languages requires a constant drive for speaking (التكلم), listening (الاستماع), practicing (التمرين), reading (القراءة) and writing (الكتابة) on a daily basis; otherwise, it becomes rusty and might seem difficult all over again. Read more here.

As mentioned above, in order to pick up Arabic quickly, you should surf the internet for Arabic resources, read Arabic newspapers, and listen to Arabic music. Doing these would really help you a lot with learning how to speak, read, ad write Arabic. It would not be easy but it would help. Patience is a must if you are going to learn how to speak a foreign language. However, just remember that everything would be worth it in the end.