Comparison Between Nanny Services and Childcare in Bedok

Bedok is one of the neighbourhoods attracting families interested in outdoor living. The cycle paths, fishing spots, stretches of beach, and running tracks are favoured by young adults and families with young children. With an estimated population of 289,000, the demand for various amenities, including childcare in Bedok, is high. 

One of the questions that many working parents battle with is should they hire a nanny or use a childcare centre. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. You only need to figure out which option works best for your family. 

Benefits of hiring a nanny or babysitter

It is not uncommon for families in Singapore to hire a nanny to care for the children, especially for families where parents work away from home. Some people opt to have a live-in nanny. 

Families that don’t have enough space to accommodate a nanny opt for a baby sitter who only works a few hours a day before leaving. 

Hiring a nanny means you have a low ratio of child to caregiver. If you have one child, you basically hire someone to care for him fully. This is unlike childcare centres, which usually have a few children per caregiver. 

Your child shares the caregiver’s attention with other children, making personalised care in childcare in Bedok a little difficult. 

Nannies also offer a more flexible service. For example, if you are leaving home later or earlier than usual, you can request the nanny to come in at the ideal time. If you are running late from work, nannies are often ready to stay late until you get home. 

This is unlike childcare centres which follow a schedule. If your child is attending the full-day schedule, you are expected to pick him up by 7 pm. 

Nanny service, in some cases, is cheaper than childcare in Bedok. Even with the infant subsidies in place for working Singaporean parents, some nannies charge a much lower rate. 

Benefits of childcare services in Bedok

One advantage childcare in Bedok has over nanny services is the availability of a specially prepared curriculum for children of different ages. The activities are designed to help achieve his milestones. The program targets sensory, motor, linguistic, intellectual, emotional and social skills. 

Caregivers at the childcare centre look at a child’s interaction with the environment as a learning opportunity. Children under the care of a nanny may not have the same opportunity to develop critical cognitive skills. 

Caregivers in childcare centres are specially trained to handle children with different temperaments and conditions. This is something you may not find in a nanny service. If your child has special needs, you’ll likely receive better and more professional service at childcare in Bedok. 

So much goes into the choice of care you get for your child, especially during hours when you are working. It is best to weigh the option of childcare in Bedok against nanny services. 

While the cost of the service is important, it should not be the only consideration. Instead, consider the pros and cons before opting for the most suitable one.  

Yolanda May

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