Should Your Toddler Join a Playgroup?

If you are exploring the idea of sending your child to a playgroup for toddlers, you are not alone. Many parents wonder if a playgroup is a worthwhile investment, especially if an adult is at home to care for the child. Some parents also question spending thousands of dollars on playgroup Singapore. Do the benefit outweigh the cost?

Playgroup helps a child to become independent.

When your child joins a toddler playgroup Singapore, this is probably the first time he is away for hours from home and the family. This is a new experience for him, so he will likely suffer separation anxiety in the first few days. However, over time, playgroup will be his new routine. 

Knowing that you will pick him up after a few hours will give him comfort and confidence to enjoy his day with his newfound friends. Playgroup will prepare your toddler for school since he will have the coping skills to stay away from home during school hours. 

He will develop new skills.

When toddlers start interacting with other children, they naturally start developing various skills. They include socialization, sharing, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and cooperation skills. These are skills that young children develop when they regularly interact with other children. 

Most children do not develop these skills until they join preschool. So, your toddler developing them at playgroup gives him a head start. 

Your toddler will learn to take instructions from other adults.

When parents are the only adults in a child’s life, the toddler is likely to assume that he is only supposed to take instructions from them. The longer this goes on, the harder it will be for the child to look at other authorities, like teachers, for guidance. 

Playgroup Singapore is a great way to introduce your child to other adults. Early interaction with other adults, besides his parents, will make it easier for the child to listen and respect his teachers when he gets to school-going age. 

Playgroup will help a child with stranger anxiety.

How does your child behave when he meets people for the first time? Does he cling to you? Some children do not seem affected by being in a new environment or about the strangers around them. However, some children make their parents question the wisdom of going with the child anywhere because of his reaction when among strangers. 

When your child joins playgroup Singapore, you will initially leave him with total strangers. However, he will learn to trust his caregivers and his new friends. Before long, attending an event will no longer be a daunting task since your toddler will not be clingy.  

Your toddler will learn new activities.

When at home, a child is exposed to a few activities. Some toddlers get bored playing with the same toys, and then they become destructive. Toddlers have a lot of energy, so expecting them to sit still for a long time is an exercise in futility. 

Toddlers are always looking for something different to do. Unfortunately, because of limited space or inadequate availability of playthings, your toddler will venture into forbidden spaces. They end up destroying items in the home in their search for things with which to play. 

Toddler playgroup Singapore is the perfect place for your child to explore as much as he likes. He will learn new activities that will keep him busy for hours. By the time he gets home, he will be exhausted. You don’t need to be concerned about your house being turned inside out since all he will want is to rest after the day he had. 

Playgroup has several benefits, especially for toddlers who don’t get a chance to interact with children their age. The few hours that your toddler spends in toddler playgroup Singapore gives you a chance to rest to take care of tasks that require your attention. 

Yolanda May

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