Some Top Back-To-School Tips For Your Kids With Special Needs




Starting a new school can be daunting especially for parents with special needs child. New school year means, new grade and new class and new people. This is a pretty erratic thing for a child with special needs and you must help your child in any way possible. The new goals for a new year should be designed to help your child in adapting to the new environment an there are some of the ways in which you can be on top of all the stuffs that will be going on surrounding the new school year.

Make sure of all the paperwork
Take careful notice on the fact that you have all the paperwork organized and ready to go. At the last moment you won’t have any time to organize them and fill them out and there will be a high chance that you forget any such important paperwork. So start filling them out early and make notes on what are needed and what you have. Take a calendar and mark the important dates of orientation, admission and other such stuffs, which will help you to follow through easily. This sis one of the most effective way to stay organized.

Keep a log of the important stuffs
Maintain a log of all the phone calls, emails, notes, and meetings and conferences. Write down what were discussed, what are important issues that needs your attention, how much attendance and grades does your child needs to have and similar notions like that. Jot down the dates, time, etc to be more specific and attentive.

Review the IEP of your child
IEP is the most important aspect of your child’s educational program, so make sure that you have a thorough understanding of it. Note down the date when the IERP expires and make sure whether your child is up for reevaluation this year or not. The thing that needs your attention is to check whether the IEP fits your child’s needs. If you are unsure in any way, immediately contact the school for a review of the IEP.

Make your child comfortable and prepared
Thinking about new school, new students and new teacher is enough to incite anxiety in your child. So now you will have to take precautionary steps top comfort him or her and relieve him or her off the stress. There are certain ways in which you can do that. You can take your child to the school before hand and make him aware of the environment. Take him or her to the playground or the classes, just to accustom him with the atmosphere. This will come in handy when he will actually start the school as it will become a familiar place to him by then. You can also take him to meet the teachers and get to know them.

Meet the teacher/s
It is advisable teat you make an appointment and meet the teacher or teachers who will be taking classes for your child beforehand. Familiarize them with your child’s condition and inform them about any specific information about your child that you feel your child’s teacher must know. Build a credible acquaintance with the teacher as it will help you in the future.

Attend school events
Most schools organize events before the beginning of the new school year. It is a kind of orientation for parents. Take advantages of these events that include Open House, Back-to-School Night, and parent-teacher conferences. Talk with the teachers and share your experiences in dealing with a child of special needs.
Going for Educational therapy at Leapfrogs Children Therapy Center for children helps for them to communicate more freely. These tips will help you to be on top of things at the beginning of a school year.